FAIST Acoustic systems.

FAIST is your experienced sound-insulation provider for many branches of industry. We have proven our core competence, acoustics, to customers in the printing industry, paper industry, in forming technology and machine construction. Custom-tailored FAIST sound- and noise-proofing products guarantee you reliable protection of persons and environment.

We also offer acoustic measurement rooms and test-facility technology for accurate sound measuring. Our products for indoor skydiving top off the product portfolio of FAIST Acoustic Systems.

FAIST has a vast range of acoustic systems such as anechoic rooms to be able to create free field conditions required for sound power measurements complying with ISO3744 and ISO3745, full anechoic rooms, semi anechoic rooms, hemi anechoic rooms.

FAIST know-how for your measuring rooms

We research and test in our own acoustic laboratories and certified measuring rooms. Our production hall is equipped with the most modern machines and our specially trained employees ensure the high quality of our products. FAIST technicians have international experience and build your free-field rooms in accordance with all safety and quality aspects.

FAIST Control centers

Control centers and control cabins with FAIST Acoustic Systems

As a specialist for noise protection at the workplace, we supply control centers, sound-insulating control rooms and control cabinets for all industrial applications. The key facts at a glance:

// Our noise proofing elements achieve a noise-reduction value (Rw) of between 36 dB and 50 dB.

// You determine the individual measurements and fixtures – the amount of glazing and doors, electric equipment, climate control and ventilation, as well as interior and exterior color.

// Stairways, platforms and railings guarantee uncomplicated incorporation into your existing infrastructure.

// Swing doors and sliding doors and, if needed, special solutions provide access options.

Our applications for aeroacoustic wind tunnels

We support your wind tunnel projects with first-class components: absorbent plenum and wall cladding, cladding for nozzle and collector, acoustic turning vanes and a carefully aligned sound-damper package for the ventilator – plus acoustic treatment of all ventilation ducts. The result: the quietest wind tunnels in the world.

We have proven our expert know-how in this area in many projects for renowned customers such as Audi Ingolstadt, VW Wolfsburg, Porsche Weissach, PSA Paris, TLT-Turbo Copenhagen, Jacobs Technology Inc. Lockheed, Honda Sakura, DNW Marknesse, DaimlerChrysler Auburn Hills, Aiolos Södertälje, the remodeling of the DLR AAWT Braunschweig and the first aero-acoustic wind tunnel in China at TongJi University Shanghai.

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Semi anechoic room FAIST BMW
Faist Asia noise testing rooms