Noise Alarm

Noise Alarm is an easy to install and easy to use instrument to protect humans from exposure to high noise levels. Mostly used in relation to occupational noise hazards as protection for the people working in noisy environments. Without the need to show only sound levels, there is a ‘traffic light’ function to easily determine if the surrounding noise levels are safe or are getting to levels that pose danger to one’s ears.

The Noise Alarm 

is flexible so the noise levels for GREEN, ORANGE and RED lights can be easily set by the user. In a factory the RED value would typically be 85 dB(A), in an office 55 d B(A) and in a hospital recovery room 35 dB(A).

Noise alarm

Some examples where it can be used are:

– factories, when the red light is on factory workers will know it’s mandatory to wear ear mufflers
– hospital, in corridors near wards a Noise Alarm can be installed to create awareness for visitors to lower the noise level once the light is not green anymore, there is a strong correlation between noise levels and time to recover (the lower the noise level the faster patients recover)
– offices, a Noise Alarm will prevent the ‘cocktail effect’ from happening, people tend to talk louder and louder in a noisy environment
– exhibitions, discotheque, any place where you don’t want to install expensive noise monitoring systems but you do want to alert the noise makers that their contribution in total noise it too high, Noise Alarm is a welcome aid

– shopping malls, many shopping malls like to have mc’s promoting products, to make sure the noise levels don’t exceed disturbance or danger levels, NoiseAlarm will indicate when the sound levels are too high

Noise induced hearing loss is the most common cause of hearing loss and is 100% preventable, Noise Alarm is a welcome aid ! There still is a lack of awareness with the general public of the dangers of noise exposure. Protect your employees or visitors by letting them know when noises start to be dangerous and prevent the risk on impaired hearing.



dB Range : 45dB to 120dB
Mic Type : Omni directional
Mic Connector : BNC
Output Specification
Relay Max Power
1A 125VAC
2A 30VDC
Interface Type
Serial Communication (UART) supports
1. Interface with Software
2. Interface with Calibrator