Noise legislation in Thailand

Noise legislation and Noise limits in Thailand

There are several regulations in Thailand, we will list the most important ones here below.
ONEP No.15 1997
– The sound level at the boundary or facade can never by more than 115 dB(A)
– The average sound level (24 hours) should not be more than  70 dB(A)
– The level produced by an entity cannot be more then 10 dB(A) higher than the background level (L95) without the entity in operation
ONEP No.29 2007
-Disturbance noise < 10 dB(A)

Labor Regulations 2006
Standards in the administration and management of occupational health and the environment in work place on heating, lighting and noise.
TWA 8 Hrs. = 90 dB(A)
TWA 7 Hrs. = 91 dB(A)
TWA 6 Hrs. = 92 dB(A)
TWA 5 Hrs. = 93 dB(A)
TWA 4 Hrs. = 95 dB(A)
TWA 3 Hrs. = 97 dB(A)




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