Noise prediction software by SoundPLAN

SoundPLAN Noise Calculation and Prediction Software SoundPLAN® is a software suite created by professionals in noise pollution engineering for professionals working with noise pollution scenarios. The software specializes in computer simulations of noise and air pollution situations. Noise modelling encompasses traffic noise, occupational noise indoors. Our engineers can build noise mapping and noise prediction models, make predictions for road noise, rail noise, industrial noise, aircraft noise and room acoustics all based on SoundPLAN software.

Geonoise Noise registration instruments and software

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SoniVent The software calculations are based on theoretical acoustic properties of different elements of any HVAC system such as: Ventilator unit -Duct -Bend -Damper -Divider/Adder -Duct Discontinuity -Grille Noise Source Parameters Noise level of a source can be manually set by a user in 1/3 or octave bands or it can be calculated by the program. SoniVent can estimate this bas

SONarchitect ISO

SONarchitect ISO Acoustic Insulation SONarchitect ISO calculates: – Airborne sound insulation values according to ISO EN 12354-1. – Impact noise levels according to ISO EN 12354-2. – Façade sound insulation values according to ISO EN 12354-3. – Noise emission levels from noisy enclosures according to ISO EN 12354-4. – Reverberation times in rooms according to ISO EN


noiseLAB noiseLAB is a professional software recording and analysis Designed by noise professionals with years of field experience, noiseLAB gets the results done in a rapid, professional way. noiseLAB captures the entire process including calibration, documentation of meteorological conditions, integration with site data and digital photographs, time-stamped and fully documented noise

Catt Indoor acoustics

Catt Indoor acoustics Room acoustics prediction and auralization The Prediction module utilizes the unique Randomized Tail-corrected Cone-tracing (RTC-II), the Image Source Model (ISM) as well as Raytracing. The module predicts room acoustical numerical measures, and creates data files for multiple source addition and for further post-processing for auralization. Modeling