Norsonic NorReview – Environmental Noise Reporting Software

NorReview is a flexible project-oriented software package for presenting and post-processing environmental noise data from Norsonic instruments. Each project may contain all kind of raw and post-processed noise and weather data, audio recordings, voice notes, MS Word or Excel reports, and other files such as digital photos and pdf-text files. It can quickly generate a single report or make advanced evaluations and complex project reports.

  • Flexible and versatile user-interface
  • Evaluation of industrial noise
  • Evaluation of rail and road traffic noise
  • Evaluation of residential noise
  • Evaluation of multiple measurement files simultaneously
  • Direct import or file read-in from Norsonic instruments
  • Displays frequency, time-profile, FFT and AC views of the measurement data
  • Insert and edit markers to recognize noise sources
  • The replay of audio recordings with dynamic cursor and marker insert features
  • Post processed event analysis with marker insert feature
  • Post processed calculations on selected pre-marked sections
  • Rating calculations according to national standards
  • Pre-defined project reports
  • L(t) view of calculated functions
  • L(f) view difference calculations
  • User-defined project reports
  • Supports weather data
  • Online view of measured values from several instruments in conjunction with Nor1022 NorMonit
  • New MS’ Excel template based NorReport measurement report feature
  • Sophisticated 3D and Spectrogram views
  • Automated multi-views of long-term measurements in pre-selected detailed sub-periods (24 x 1-hour views of a 24h measurement)
  • Overlay marker
  • Simultaneously transfer of all views to Word
  • Connected cursors Lt/Lf views
  • Calculation of difference between selectable functions

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