Sidlab, noise propagation in ducts

SIDLAB Suite is a combination of software and hardware solutions for the simulation, analysis and measurement of sound generation and propagation inside duct networks. This can be applied to Intake and Exhaust systems, Power generation, Oil & Gas pipe networks and HVAC systems. It offers a complete characterization of the system, including both simulation and validation measurements. SIDLAB Acoustics and SIDLAB Flow design the system to have a good acoustic performance keeping the pressure drop low enough. The results are then validated using SIDLAB Measurement or SIDLAB Acquisition in the SIDLAB Rig.

SIDLAB Optimization and Parameterization tools offer larger possibilities for an efficient design. SIDLAB calculations are done in MATLAB, and the source code is offered. This is a good advantage for advanced users to perform their custom analyses. Calculation time is typically a few seconds on a normal PC. Post-processing within SIDLAB is simple and straightforward, with the possibility to save the results in different formats. SIDLAB compiles a long experience and know-how of accurate modeling for all types of duct acoustic applications in research, teaching and consulting.

The following modules are available and priced separately:

SIDLAB Acoustics


SIDLAB Acoustics HF

SIDLAB Measurement


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