Sound Intensity probe Nor1290

Sound Intensity probe Nor1290, Norsonic, Sound Power measurements ISO9614

Total solution for sound power measurements with Nor150 (2 channel analyzer) and Nor850/Intensity Presentation. (ask for demo!)

Nor150 Sound Intensity Option Sound intensity probe Nor1290

The Nor150 fited with sound intensity option and the sound intensity probe kit Nor1290 is a powerful tool for all type of sound intensity measurements. It is designed for easy use in all type of measurement conditions. The remote control handle using a smart phone as a measurement control and displaying device forms a light weighted and easy to use system, allowing the user to perform all measurements with a single hand operation. The smart phone communicates via WiFi with the internal web server running in the Nor150. The system may also be used with the sound intensity probe directly attached to the Nor150. Features

• Compliant with IEC61043 class 1
• Robust and easy to use
• Full on-board support for ISO9614
• 1/1 and 1/3 octave analyses
• Frequency range 20-10kHz
• Photo, text and voice note annotation
• Built in signal generator for calibration
• Export to Nor850 mapping software
• Measurement quality indicators
• Supports traditional and IEPE powered sound intensity probes
• ¼” and ½” microphones

Frequency range (±2 dB) Ref. IEC 61043 Class 1
Dynamic range lower limit
(microphone thermal noise) dB(A) 27
Dynamic range upper limit dB 146
Nominal sensitivity @ 250
Hz (±2 dB) mV/Pa 12.5
Microphone type ½” Rear vented, Prepolarised
Preamplifir ¼”, IEPE powered
Temperature range, operation °C / °F 5 to 40 / 41 to 104
Temperature coefficient @250 Hz dB/°C / dB/°F -0.01 / -0.006
Humidity range non condensing % RH 0 – 100
Humidity coefficient @250 Hz dB/% RH -0.001
Influence of axial vibration @1 m/s² dB re 20 µPa 66
Spacers included mm 12, 25, 50, 100
Cable length m / feet 3 / 10
Connector type 7 pin Lemo
CE/RoHS compliant/WEEE registered Yes/Yes/Yes