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SoundPLAN® is a software suite created by professionals in noise and air pollution engineering for acoustical engineers working with noise and air pollution scenarios.

The software specializes in computer simulations of noise and air pollution situations. Noise modeling calculations can be performed for traffic noise road and rail), occupational noise indoors and outdoors, general industrial noise and aircraft noise.

More than 50 calculation worldwide standards are implemented such as ISO-9613, ISO12354 etc. For air quality simulations, SoundPLAN® has many different models, ranging from Gauss models to complex hydraulic flow and dispersion models.

The team behind SoundPLAN® consists of dedicated software developers and acoustical consultants with backgrounds in software engineering, physics, engineering, and geography. SoundPLAN GmbH in Backnang, Germany not only develops the software but also offers consulting services for (special) projects. It’s the headoffice for SoundPLAN software.

The experience gained from the consulting group flows into the development of SoundPLAN®. The software is tested on actual projects to ensure our product is truly at the front of noise and air pollution simulations. The quality of our product reflects this constant closed loop cycle of consulting and development. Check it out for yourself!

For Asia, there is SoundPLAN Asia with its office in Hong Kong for local support and of course all SoundPLAN’s distributors. Please let us know your inquiry, request for a demo or other questions!

For more info about SoundPLAN, you can visit SoundPLAN Asia’s website.

We’re delighted to announce that we released the brand new SoundPLANnoise 8.0. We’ve been world-leaders in noise mapping software for years, but there’s always room for improvement and we have been working hard to bring you the very best new features and enhancements, including:

  • Improved indoor noise mapping capabilities (Sound Particle Diffraction)
  • Room Acoustics module
  • A new interface with Google maps and OpenStreetMap
  • The latest standards, including Cnossos

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