SPEKTRA is specialized in designing and manufacturing systems for:

The product group “Calibration Solutions” includes calibration systems as well as services.

The SPEKTRA family of CS18 calibration systems offers the calibration for the following measurands:

  • Acceleration (0.05 Hz … 350 kHz)
  • Shock (few mm/s² … 2,000 km/s²)
  • Acoustics (0.1 Hz … 20 kHz, bis 124 dB)
  • Dynamic Force (10 Hz … 1 kHz, few mN … 20 kN)
  • Dynamic Pressure (up to 4,000 bar)


Calibration systems for amplitude-frequency response and displacement (sine) as well as a comparison of peak amplitudes (shock).

  • Devices under test: Accelerometers, Seismic Sensors, Geophones, Vibration Calibrators, Measuring Equipment, Analyzers, Laser-Vibrometer, read more.



Comparison Calibration by using the substitution method

  • Devices under test:
    Sound Level Meters, Microphones, Acoustical calibrators, Pistonphone, Measuring Equipment, Analyzers, read more.

Electrical parameters

Comparison/Substitution Calibration for Amplitude-Frequency Response and Displacement Angle

  • Devices under test:
    Charge Amplifier, Voltage Amplifier, IEPE-Amplifiers, Calibration Systems, Analyzers, read more.


Our calibration products include complete calibration systems as well as various exciters and accessories to fit your specific demands.

Kalibrieren. Prüfen. Qualitätssicherung

We offer solutions for sensor system-level testing in very small areas like development departments up to large-scale production. Read more.

Kalibrierdienstleistungen und Schwingungsprüfungen

Typical applications of those vibration exciters are modal tests of buildings, bridges and other large structures. Read more.