Stereoscopic PIV is used to obtain the three-component velocity field in the planar region illuminated by a laser light sheet. The fundamental principle behind 3-D PIV is stereoscopic imaging of particles in an illuminated plane in the flow. Two cameras view the plane at different angles and capture particle displacement images that contain the influence of the third velocity component. Innovative data reduction provides the true particle displacements and on-line 3-D velocity vector field display.

Since introducing the first commercial PIV system in 1988, TSI has led the way in PIV innovation and technology. Our new Stereoscopic PIV system maintains this tradition by incorporating the most advanced analysis schemes in a completely re-engineered software platform built for flexibility and expansion. Features such as grid deformation, the patented Hart and Rohaly-Hart correlation algorithms, and other algorithms from our exclusive license to MicroPIV technology such as ensemble correlation averaging and background correction, ensure the highest possible measurement accuracy even in sparsely seeded flows and flows with large spatial velocity gradients.


  • On-line measurement and display of three velocity components
  • Optimum Scheimpflug camera configuration
  • On-line mapping function eliminates the need to measure camera angles
  • On-line PIV image display
  • PowerView™ PIV cameras with very short frame-straddling times
  • DPDS target for generating mapping function eliminates need to traverse target
  • High-speed camera interfaces for on-line data transfer
  • Back-, forward- or side-scatter camera positioning
  • Optional remote focusing and Scheimpflug adjustment


  • Wind tunnel measurements
  • Turbulence studies
  • System and device optimization


  • Double pulse Nd:YAG laser (50 mJ/pulse standard, higher pulse energy available as upgrade option)
  • CCD cameras (2) with frame-straddling (specific model depends upon application; includes camera lens, all interface cables, camera frame grabber)
  • INSIGHT™ 4G Data Acquisition, Analysis and Display Software Package
  • Light sheet optics (and optional Laser Light Arm)
  • Optical filter
  • LaserPulse™ Synchronizer (Model 610036)
  • Stereo-PIV Assembly kit (Model 640050, includes Dual Plane/Dual Sided (DPDS) calibration target, base, brackets, camera mounts, Scheimpflug mounts, alignment kits)
  • All associated manuals

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