Profound SIT.201XX SIT Series Wave Hammer

Profound Wave Hammer

The Wave Hammer is especially designed for pile integrity measurements on vertically installed large diameter concrete piles. The Wave Hammer generates a wave with an optimal duration of the impact force. This results in an input force pulse with an optimal resolution for the determination of defects in piles.

Placement of the acceleration sensor is much easier due to the high hammer mass. The ergonomic advantages of the convenient drop and catch of the hammer result in an easy to handle instrument in the field. With the Wave hammer the measurement can be done as described and in accordance with the ASTM D5882-16.

* Cross over parameter – Pile Integrity Developments. A.J.G. Schellingerhout and A.J. van Rietschoten. Proceedings of the 15th European Conference on Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering (2011), 927-931

Adventages Profound Wave Hammer

  • A very stable duration of the impact blow (t50%)
  • A high level of control over the force impact amplitude
  • An optimal resolution for large diameter concrete piles
  • A low stress level in the hammer which results in maximum energy transferral
  • An easy to handle ergonomic design
  • The Wave Hammer use is less obstructed by protruding pile reinforcement

Wave Hammer – Advised Operation

  1. Clean the impact area from dust and debris. Make the impactarea smooth.
  2. Test the targeted hammer impact area with a standard nylonhammer to check the concrete quality of the impact area. Thecentre of the pile head is the optimal impact location.
  3. Prepare the SIT system for the measurement (as described inchapter 3 of the general manual).
  4. Lift the hammer and let it drop on the pile surface.
  5. Catch the hammer in its rebound. Please note that the WaveHammer may have a large rebound on concrete piles.
  6. Store the blow measurement.
  7. Store several blows for each pile and repeat for every pile.
  8. After use clean the impact area of the Wave Hammer from

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