Shaker and Exciters

Shaker and Exciters

The APS Dynamics series of the air bearing long stroke vibration exciters provide excellent properties for low-frequency excitation of accelerometers and other low-frequency instruments and sensors.

These are DC response electrodynamic shakers that operate at frequencies up to 200 Hz with a peak-to-peak stroke of 150 mm (6 inches). Acceleration amplitudes as high as 60 m/s2 (6 g) can be achieved.

Some models have a horizontal air bearing table coupled to the driver unit that allows high payloads up to 23 kg for the calibration of geophones and other devices. The shakers can also operate in the horizontal or vertical orientation.

SPEKTRA exciter systems cover a wide spectrum of physical stimuli like translation, rotation, magnet field or pressure to enable stimulated testing and calibration of a large variety of different sensors.

Besides a standard-compliant calibration of sensor devices, these exciter systems are also used in complete system level test setups that include stimulus and sensor system testing.

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m+p Mixed Mode Testing

The Mixed Mode add-on modules for the Random Vibration Control Software allow tests to run with sine tones and/or narrowband random signals superimposed on a random background. Mixed mode testing is a complex control task, and m+p VibControl supports three modes: Sine-on-Random (SoR), Random-on-Random (RoR) and Sine-on-Random-on-Random (SoRoR). Gunfire burst control can also be superimposed in each case.