Spektra Calibration Solutions

Calibration Solutions

The product group “Calibration Solutions” includes calibration systems as well as services. The SPEKTRA family of CS18 calibration systems offers the calibration for the following measurands:

  • Acceleration (0.05 Hz … 350 kHz)
  • Shock (few mm/s² … 2,000 km/s²)
  • Acoustics (0.1 Hz … 20 kHz, until 124 dB)
  • Dynamic Force (10 Hz … 1 kHz, few mN … 20 kN)
  • Dynamic Pressure (up to 4,000 bar)

CS18 Calibration Systems

With the CS18 Calibration system, SPEKTRA provides a means to cope with all requirements of traceable calibration and efficient laboratory operation in conformance with all applicable standards.

Options & Accessories

Every CS18 calibration system is optimized for a specific practical application. Its performance, however, can be extended by means of optional extras.

Exciters & Components

SPEKTRA offers a wide variety of robust exciters, well proven in practice, with a wide working range which more often than not extend to the physical boundaries.

System concept

Our calibration system has a modular design and can be adapted to the respective measuring tasks with little effort. A combination of different systems is also possible.

Power Amplifiers

We have a selection of power amplifiers, which offer protection functions adapted to certain exciters. They can be operated in the voltage or current mode.

Adapters & Cabels

For sensor calibration and other vibrational investigation we offer versatile accessories for mechanical and electrical adaptation.


Developed in conjunction with SPEKTRA‘s own calibration laboratory and optimized with regard to high efficiency, our software can easily be adapted to your corporate structures and processes.