air pollution

Exploring Jakartan Public Transportation Through The Sound

Jakarta is one of the largest urban agglomerations in the world. The uncontrolled increase in urban population is proportional to the number of the vehicle in Jakarta. According to Badan Pusat Statistik (Statistics Indonesia)…

Noise in HVAC System; What, Where and How Noise comes from?

One of the things that becomes an unpredictable issue of a building, especially with a centralized air conditioning system, is the noise it creates. Calculating noise from every part of the HVAC system is needed to avoid unwanted noises in adjacent rooms. What do we need to know to avoid noise from the HVAC system? Are there […]

Feeling Unproductive? You Might be Overlooking This Productivity Killer

We believe that the best way to be highly productive is to be able to get into our monoideal state. Josh Kaufman says in his book “The Personal MBA”: “Monoidealism is the state of focusing your energy and attention only on one thing. It’s often called a “flow” state: clear, focused attention on one subject […]

Are You Stressed at Work?

Are you stressed at work? How many times did you need to cover your ears at work? You might be stressed because you are working in a noisy environment even without realizing it. A noisy environment is one of the primary stress triggers for the employee and it will lead to a reduction in productivity. […]

Quiet planes get more slots at Hong Kong airport, a way to curb noise pollution

Trial scheme focuses on non-environmentally friendly and noisy planes – instead of just restricting flights at night Airlines in Hong Kong are being encouraged to use cleaner and quieter aircraft in return for the chance to operate more flights at night. A trial is under way for airlines flying out of Hong Kong International Airport […]

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